Anna Abramzon Studio

Rosh Hashanah 5782 Collection Launching this week!

I am so excited to launch the Rosh Hashanah 5782 Collection this week! I worked round the clock the last month to develop a whole line of festive, new products for the holiday.  This Collection will include: challah covers challah...

Guess Who Came To Do a Tallit Photoshoot With Me?

Ten years ago, when we packed up and moved to Houston not knowing even one person, I couldn't have imagined the amazing community I would find there. One of the luckiest things that ever happened to me was meeting Kristi right after landing...

Tallitot are coming! Tallitot are coming!

I am so excited to share my latest product line! I have wanted to design a line of wearable art tallit for so long, someone pinch me.  By popular demand, this is a sneak peak of some of the designs...

Celebrating 4 Years as a Full Time Artist

Every year around this time I take a beat and think about what I have learned in the past year, where I am now, and where my business is heading.  I often think about my studio as my third child -- and this baby is not a toddler anymore! So where are we now?

Sneak Peak at the Upcoming Art Tallit Line!

I have dreamed of making a line of artistic Tallitot (Jewish Prayer Shawls) for almost as long as I have been painting ketubahs. As with my ketubah art, I love the idea of taking my contemporary artistic vision and "marrying" it with...

Allison and Andrew's Ketubah: A Marriage of Laughter and Love

There is nothing better than a couple with a sense of humor! I loved Allison and Andrew the moment I heard their completely unique and sentimental ketubah idea. Andrew, who is a veteran (thank you for your service, Andrew!) met Allison on Bumble....

Tim's Healing Journey

Another favorite project of this year is not a ketubah, but a truly one-of-a-kind painting that commemorated a meaningful journey. I met Tim what feels like a lifetime ago, when I lived in Israel and coordinated an art program for students...

Dahlya and Aaron: A 2020 Story 20 Years in the Making

Dahlya and Aaron have one of the best stories not only of 2020, but possibly of all my years working with couples. These two were college sweethearts, then lost touch for 20 years before permanently uniting their lives in… drumroll…...

Asya and Garry's Against the Odds 2020 Dream Wedding

Asya and Garry met thanks to their Big Fat Jewish Family. Garry's aunt and Asya's mom's best friend decided to play yentas and hook them up. They must really have a knack for this, because wow did that work out well! ...

How Will You Paint This Year?

My grandpa, Vilya, worked as an engineer in the Soviet Space Program, but he didn’t know how to fry an egg.  I found this out when I was five years old, and hungry. We were traveling on our own, without the women who fried our eggs and made our world go round.  A nuclear reactor had exploded about 100 kilometers from our home in Kiev, and my family was doing all they could to keep me safe from the fallout.

It's Time for New Art!

A full year in the making, the Intimate Moments Collection will feature colored pencil and graphite pieces on paper. A combination of figurative drawings and still life, the collection chronicles the many moments I have learned to notice and appreciate this year. 

After the Plague Comes the Renaissance

That is how, amid the chaos, I discovered that sometimes to do something big, you have to go small. 

I Didn't Get to Say Good Bye

I didn’t get to say goodbye to you, Dedulya. I didn’t get to see you for over a year. I had to watch your funeral on a screen from 2000 miles away.  You were the most wonderful grandfather with the...

Your 5 Most Common Ketubah Questions Answered

Choosing a ketubah is a big decision because you have to find both the art and the text that mean the most to you as a couple. Here are answers to some of the most common ketubah questions I get from couples.

Celebrating Three Years as a Full Time Artist

Today I’m celebrating three years since I took the leap from having a day job to making art my full time career. It’s a strange time to be celebrating anything, especially as my small business, like so many others, is...

Is Purim the Saddest Jewish Holiday?

Sadness is not what comes to mind I think about Purim. Purim has always been my favorite Jewish holiday. As a child, I always thought of it as the “Jewish Halloween”, full of costumes, carnivals, and sweets, of course! As an adult it stayed basically the same to me, except with alcohol added to the mix. So how can this joyous holiday be a celebration one of the darkest moments in Jewish history?

A Story about Tzinzenella

When I was seven my parents and I left the Soviet Union as refugees. The Soviets had strict rules on how much could be taken out of the country -- which was almost nothing. This, of course, resulted with all...

My Favorite Projects of 2019

As 2019 kicked off, I felt like someone had put me inside a washing machine and pushed the start button. Things just kept whirling and whirling around me and all I could do was tread water and try not to...

A Girl, A Journey, and the Meaning of Home

She would sit next to me on the school playground full of children speaking a language I didn’t understand, and make me cry for the smell of my grandma’s fried potatoes in Kiev. What I didn’t know then, but have come to learn, is that she was bringing me gifts.

Upcoming Collection Date Announcement

Sometimes life takes you on a journey that you never expected. Same goes for making art. 

Introducing the Klezmer Collection

Friends, I am finally ready to answer a question I have been getting over and over and over again since I launched my studio 9 years ago. "Where can I see or buy original art of yours without having to commission it?" For the last nine years, I have been so swamped with ketubahs, commissions, and raising little kids, that unfortunately, the answer has always been that I just don’t have anything available --- until now.