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Dear Daughters, I want you to know that...

A few weeks ago, I asked y’all to complete the sentence, “ Mom I want you to know that…” Your answers surprised me. With Mother’s Day around the corner, I asked myself, what do I want my daughters to know? My small humans helped me find my passion in life (and it’s  not parenting, sorry kiddos).  

Why care about anniversaries?

I’ll never forget the day that Patricio and I came home after closing on our first house. We were exhilarated and terrified --- shocked by our own adulting. Granted we already had a two-year-old then, but somehow owning a house felt like the biggest responsibility ever. We came back to our rental that night, casually checked the mail and found a card from my grandparents. Stumped, I opened it to discover that it was our sixth wedding anniversary. A fact that he and I had both forgotten.

Gold Leaf Makes the World Sparkle!

I discovered liquid gold recently when a client asked me if I could add it to their custom order. Never one to shy away from a challenge, I got to researching and that is how I fell in love with Gold Leaf – my art’s new BFF. Now it is available as an add-on to any item in my shop! So go ahead, make your world sparkle.

Dear Mom, I want you to know that...

I have been thinking a lot about the stories of mothers and children lately. Having two daughters of my own has caused me totally re-evaluate my relationship with my own mom. With Mother’s Day around the corner on May 13, I asked my friends on Facebook and Instagram to finish the sentence,
“Dear Mom, I want  you to know that…” The answers surprised me. 

Two Special Blessings for Baby Max

Sharon casually mentioned that she was going in to the hospital that evening to give birth, but that she would be sure to give me a call before starting labor to talk about some custom art. I knew she and I were going to hit it off! 

A Custom Ketubah for Cari and Darrell

Cari and Darrell wanted a ketubah that incorporated a redwood tree, fractal patterns and their wedding theme: One Love. I am so lucky they chose me for the job!

Julie & Justin’s Sweet Home Chicago Wedding

How do I describe how incredibly exciting Julie and Justin’s wedding was for me? Here are Julie and I, back in the day. Please don’t judge the outfits.  As if celebrating the marriage of one of your oldest friends is …

Introducing “The Tatyana Ketubah”

Tatyana had a dream. She loved the Mystical Forest Ketubah: But she prefered a Vintage Romantic feel. Like her invite: Soooooo…. I made her a Mystical Forest Ketubah in Vintage Rose: Mazel tov to the happy couple!!! Here they are: …

The Making of a Custom Painted Ketubah for Eric and Jessica

Eric and Jessica found my art when they were searching for a ketubah and came across my Etsy shop . They liked my style, but were looking for something totally original for their upcoming wedding. They were developing a movement/dance

How to Write Your Own Ketubah Text

Ketubah text has been a hot topic lately, with the custom of a ketubah (or a decorative marital contract) becoming more and more popular among couples from all different backgrounds and faiths. A good way to think about your ketubah ...

A Bride’s Guide to Surviving the Engagement

Whether you have been planning your wedding ever since you danced around the house in your mom’s white pumps and a pillow case veil or getting married was the last of your priorities until you happened to meet Mr. Right, …

A Fantastic — and Hilarious– Approach to Ketubah Text!

I am fortunate in my line of work to work with many wonderful couples to help them create their dream ketubah. Occasionally, I get a particularly ambitious couple that decides to write their own ketubah text. Traditionally a ketubah text …

Girl meets South American Boy AKA How I Met My Husband

One of the strangest phone calls I’ve ever had to make was to my parents to tell them I was getting married. The ultimate weirdness of this phone call can be summed up with my mom’s response… after a tense …