Your 5 Most Common Ketubah Questions Answered


anna abramzon ketubah signing

Mazel Tov on your engagement!

Choosing a ketubah is a big decision because you have to find both the art and the text that mean the most to you as a couple. Here are answers to some of the most common ketubah questions I hear:

 anna abramzon ketubah signing

What ketubah text should I choose? 

I offer a wide range of ketubah text choices including Interfaith, Egalitarian, Reform, and Secular (with same sex options for two brides or two grooms available), as well as, of course, the traditional Orthodox Aramaic and Conservative Ketubah Text with Lieberman Clause. You can read and browse all the text choices here.  I also offer the option to provide or write your own text! Just select that option at checkout.

I recommend reading over all the options and selecting the option that speaks to you and your relationship the most. Remember, this is the deal you are making with your partner about how you want to build your life together. Consider your values, hopes and priorities as a couple.

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The text you select is a decision that needs to be made between you and your fiancé, in coordination and with guidance from your rabbi or officiant.  Some rabbis have specific text requirements and some do not.

What size ketubah should I choose?

Anna Abramzon Ketubah  

There are three main things to consider when selecting your ketubah size.

  • How prominent do you want the ketubah to be under the chuppah?
  • How much wall space do you have?
  • What is your ketubah budget?

If choosing the budget size (11 X 14 or 11 X 11) I recommend ordering the text pre-filled.  Depending on the text you select, the blanks to fill in your names, wedding date, etc., can be a bit tight on the smallest size.  The most popular ketubah sizes are 16 X 20 and 17 X 22.  Last thing to keep in mind is that the easiest size to frame without custom framing is 16 X 20.  

ketubah signing anna abramzon

Who signs the ketubah?

Anna Abramzon ketubah signing

According to Jewish law, a ketubah should be signed by two witnesses. Orthodox and Conservative ketubah texts come with signature lines for two witnesses unless you request to add other signature lines. All other texts come with signature lines for bride, groom (or two brides/two grooms), two witnesses and a rabbi or officiant. Signature lines are fully customizable so if you want to add extra witnesses or remove any lines, just let me know when you place your order.

Do I need a rabbi to fill in the ketubah?

anna abramzon ketubah signing 

You have two options. The first option is to order the ketubah “blank”, which means it will have blank spaces in the text where you or your rabbi or officiant would write your personal information in by hand. The second option is to have me fill it in for you so that all the font matches. If you choose this option at check out, then I will send you a form to fill out with all the information I will need. I will then create a digital proof for you and your rabbi or officiant to check and approve.

What kind of pen do I use to sign my ketubah?

 ketubah signing anna abramzon

This is the question I get from couples the most! The truth is that just about any pen will work, because the ketubah is paper, but my personal favorite are these Sekura Pigma pens because they make a really nice, clean line. That said, whichever pen you choose, make sure that everyone signing practices on a scrap piece of paper first.

If you have more questions about ordering a ketubah, please don't hesitate to get in touch! Emails make my day. Happy Planning! 

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