Introducing Painted Tallit!

I have dreamed of making a line of designer tallitot ever since I started making functional Judaica art over ten years ago. For years, turning my paintings into wearable art seemed like too big a challenge to take on, but I am thrilled to share that my vision for a tallit boutique is finally a reality.

Wear your painted tallit to shul to make a fashion splash, or pick a tallit as a meaningful and unique gift for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, a Conversion to Judaism, for your favorite rabbi or cantor, or a Jewish wedding.

I use kosher wool tzitzit for my tallit, and you can choose to have me tie them on for you, or tie your tallit tzitzit on yourself. Every tallit comes with a matching velvet bag and the option of adding a matching kippah as well!

Have an idea for a completely unique one-of-a-kind tallit? I take orders for custom tallits! Learn about commissioning an original painted tallit here. 

Welcome to the Wearable Art Tallit Collection!

A lovely tallit on a young man

Bar Mitzvah Boy Sam wearing the Mountain Landscape Tallit

 A tallit, or a Jewish prayer shawl, is a traditional Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah gift that can become a family heirloom to be passed down to future generations. In the Orthodox Jewish community tallit are only for men, but in Reform, Conservative and non-denominational Jewish communities unisex tallit are definitely a thing and tallit for women is an important tradition in feminist circles.

A tallit design by Anna Abramzon

My designer tallit are vibrant pieces of wearable art that are sure to make you feel like a million bucks. They come in two different sizes: petite, which I recommend for kids and adults up to 5’ 2”, and the standard size.

One of my tallit designs.

A girl wearing a bat mitzvah tallit."]

Bat Mitzvah Girl Lina wearing Whimsical Jerusalem Tallit

So how did I make designer tallit a reality? Well. That was QUITE the project. First, I partnered with an old friend from art school named Ruth. While I spent my time at university covered in paint, Ruth was a fashion major. Today she works as a pattern maker for fashion designers all over Los Angeles, which means she is an expert making the visions of would-be fashion designers like yours truly come to life.

Alma wearing the Fall Leaves Tallit

Together, we came up with a process for turning my watercolor paintings into the wearable art tallit you see today. First, I painted the designs on watercolor paper. Next, I dusted off those graphic design skills and digitally edited them into the size and shape I wanted the tallitot to be. Then Ruth and I got to exploring fabrics. I wanted the tallitot to feel as luxurious as they look, so for a while every surface in my studio was covered in fabric swatches. We settled on Duchess Satin, a fabric that feels like silk but is heavy enough that it doesn’t slip off your shoulders. Once that was settled, we went in search of production partners who can use the dye sublimation method to print my paintings onto fabric. Once again, we got samples galore. In the end, I found my perfect printing partner all the way in England! Their prints are extremely dense and vibrant, and they

only use the highest quality inks -- just what I was looking for. The day the fabrics arrived in my studio was a very exciting!

Finally, we found a small, local sewing house who would take on my tallit project. No sweat shops or outsourcing to China here! These luxurious tallit prayer shawls are made right here in Los Angeles and whenever a batch is ready, I drive through the canyons to the valley and pick them up to insure the quality is always up to my high standards. Plus, when you purchase a tallit online from me, you are supporting three local California small businesses all at once – my art studio, or course, Ruth the pattern maker, and our small sewing house too, which employs new immigrants and helps put food on their kids’ tables.