Welcome to Anna Abramzon Studio, Your Online Ketubah Art Boutique!

Hi I’m Anna! Think of me as your friendly neighborhood ketubah artist, here to make choosing your perfect artistic ketubah easy as pie. Whether you have been planning your perfect artistic ketubah since before you met your fiancé(e), or you never heard of a ketubah until your rabbi told you that you’ll be needing one, I’m here for you. I’m thrilled to offer a fine art ketubah collection in a variety of art styles, ketubah texts, and price points. Whether you’re looking to commission one-of-a-kind hand painted ketubah art, or you’re a bride on a budget who needs an art ketubah in a hurry, I’ve got you covered. 

Ketubah artist Anna Abramzon

Steps to Ordering Your Fine Art Ketubah:

Step One: Find Your Perfect Ketubah Art

First step is to browse the ketubah collection and find the ketubah art that speaks to you. I would suggest starting out with my signature Love Tree Ketubah Collection, but also checking out the Papercut Ketubah Designs, and Nature Themed Ketubah Art.

Step Two: Find Your Perfect Ketubah Text

Nothing adorns a Jewish wedding like an artistic ketubah!

Once you discover your perfect art ketubah, you’ll want to choose your ketubah text. Ketubah text has changed a lot in the last century. In addition to the traditional Orthodox Aramaic text which dates back hundreds of years, I also offer a wide range of modern ketubah text options for contemporary Jewish, Interfaith, or Secular couples. The text options I offer include the Conservative Ketubah Text with Liberman Clause, Reform Ketubah Texts, Humanist Ketubah Texts, Secular Ketubah Texts, Egalitarian Ketubah Texts, Interfaith Ketubah Texts, LGBTQ+ and Non Binary Ketubah Texts, and more. Browse the ketubah text page to find the text that speaks to you and your partner. You can even write your own text and we’ll translate it for you. Whichever ketubah text you choose, make sure to run it by your rabbi and officiant!

Step Three: Customize Your Artsy Ketubah!

Ketubah Size

Anna Abramzon’s ketubah artistry, customizable

Now that you have the ketubah art and the ketubah text, it’s time to choose your customizations! This is a fun part. Every ketubah comes in a choice of sizes. When thinking about the size of your ketubah, you want to consider both how large you want it to be when it is displayed under your chuppah during your wedding ceremony, and where you want to hang it in your home. Remember, a ketubah stays with you long after the wedding day, which is why it’s so important to pick ketubah art that you love and that fits your vibe.  Some people make their ketubah a center point in their home, while others prefer to keep it somewhere more intimate. 

Ketubah Text Fill—In

Another beautiful and aesthetic ketubah signing

The next customization to choose depends on whether or not you would like your text filled in. Your ketubah can either come with blanks throughout where you or your rabbi can fill in your names, wedding date and location, and some other information by hand. This must be done in both English and Hebrew, so make sure you’re up for that! The other option is to add a ketubah text fill-in, and I will do it for you so all the font matches. If you choose this option then I’ll also make a ketubah digital proof for you and your rabbi or wedding officiant to check and approve. Note to the wise: if decide to order your ketubah blank, make sure that your rabbi is on board with filling it in. Some rabbis require that a ketubah be pre-filled, and that’s not something you want to find out on your wedding day!

Add Gold Leaf to Your Ketubah

Ketubah art enhanced with goldleaf

The last decision you’ll have to make is whether or not you would like to add gold leaf to your artistic ketubah! I can embellish any art ketubah with white or yellow gold, to add a little shine and sparkle. It’s not a must, but it does add a little something special to your ketubah art.

I’m here every step of the way to make sure that finding your perfect art ketubah is a fun, meaningful, and easy part of your wedding planning process. You can even take your ketubah art a step further by using it for wedding invites, a wedding guest book, or adding on mini-ketubahs as gifts for special wedding guests or family members!

 Another exquisite ketubah with goldleaf from Anna Abramzon

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