What is a Ketubah Text Fill-in?

Hamsa Ketubah and Chuppah

Every ketubah in my boutique comes with your choice of ketubah texts. You can order your ketubah with the text blank or filled in. 

What is a blank ketubah text? 

If you order your ketubah text blank (without a fill-in), it with long blank lines throughout where you or your rabbi will fill in the names (and parents' names) of the bride and groom, date, Hebrew date, and location of the wedding.

Useful tip: With a ketubah text, size matters! If you are ordering the smallest size (11 X 14 inches), the font on the text will be that much smaller, so you or your officiant will have to write small to fit your names in. If you have very long names, or are selecting a particular long ketubah text (such as the Conservative text with Lieberman Clause), I would recommend ordering the 16 X 20 ketubah size or larger. 

This is a sample what the first paragraph of a ketubah text looks like when you order it with your text blank (please note that some of the texts require names throughout the ketubah, so the blanks would not be only in the first paragraph):

sample blank ketubah text

And when your rabbi fills it in by hand, it may look something like this:

Barry and Stacey's Ketubah

Two Hearts into One Ketubah

What is a filled-in ketubah text? 

Your other options is for us to fill the text in for you, so that all the script matches. If you order your ketubah with the text filled in, I will email you a ketubah customization form to fill out. It will ask for things such as the names of the bride and groom, parents' names, and Hebrew names for everyone who has them. If one of the partners isn't Jewish or doesn't have a Hebrew name, no sweat! We will simply write their English name phonetically in Hebrew. Then I will email you a digital proof for you and your rabbi or officiant to check and approve, ensuring that your ketubah will be absolutely perfect for your wedding day. 

Here is a sample of what the first paragraph of a ketubah text looks like with the text filled in:

Sample Ketubah Text Filled in

And your final ketubah will look like this:

Ketubah by Anna Abramzon

Jerusalem Love Tree Ketubah

And once you sign your ketubah text it will look like this:

Hamsa Ketubah by Anna Abramzon

Hamsa Love Tree Ketubah

This is important:

Your ketubah will need to be filled in both in English and Hebrew, so before you order it blank, make sure you have a Hebrew speaker who is willing to fill in the Hebrew portion for you. This may be your rabbi or officiant -- but make sure to check with him or her, because some rabbis require that the ketubah be pre-filled. That's not something you want to find out on your wedding day! 

I recommend ordering the ketubah with the text filled in, and here is why.

Not only does it look nicer, but also mistakes happen! Even the most meticulous rabbis can have a slip up and then have to cross things out...  or they may just have bad handwriting. You don't know how many calls I get every year from upset couples asking what they can do about chicken scratch on their ketubah.  You don't want to be stuck staring at the scribbles on your beautiful artwork for the rest of your married life! Having us fill the text in for you insures peace of mind in knowing that your ketubah will be perfect on your wedding day and forever in the home you build together. 

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