Two Hearts into One Tree Ketubah - Anna Abramzon Studio
Two Hearts into One Tree Ketubah - Anna Abramzon Studio
Two Hearts into One Tree Ketubah - Anna Abramzon Studio
Two Hearts into One Tree Ketubah - Anna Abramzon Studio
Two Hearts into One Tree Ketubah - Anna Abramzon Studio

Two Hearts into One Tree Ketubah

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The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart. — Helen Keller

If color, pattern, and texture is your thing, then you have found your ketubah. This unique, whimsical painting of the tree of life is the perfect illustration of two trees intertwining and becoming one, just like your lives. This ketubah will stay with you long after the wedding day, to remind you of the promises you make to each other on the day that your two hearts become one.

I work on each and every piece myself in my studio in California, lovingly touching up all the details, carefully examining it and making sure it is absolutely perfect before I gently package it and send it to you. Your ketubah will arrive having been bathed in joy and positive energy, ready to celebrate.   

    • Archival Giclee print with ultra-chrome inks
    • Thick, textured, acid-free watercolor paper
    • Comes in a clear plastic sleeve for safekeeping 
    • Signature lines are customizable

Giclee prints are museum-quality. This means that the rich, vibrant color won’t fade for over 100 years if kept out of direct sunlight, so you can enjoy your ketubah as much on your 60th wedding anniversary as you do on your wedding day. 


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Ketubah Text Questions

What texts do you offer?

We offer Reform, Egalitarian, Humanist, Secular, Orthodox Aramaic, Conservative with Lieberman Clause, Gordon Tucker Text and Interfaith and Same Sex texts. 

View all text options here

How do I know what text to choose?

You should choose a text that you and your fiancé feel a connection to. Often times rabbis will also have requirements for your ketubah text, so please make sure to consult with your officiant. If you are not sure which type of text is best for you, speak to your Rabbi or officiant.

What is Text Personalization?

Regardless of which text you choose, the ketubah text will need to be filled-in with your personal information. This is things like your names, Hebrew names, your parents' names if you choose to include them, wedding date, Hebrew date, location, and more. You have the option of ordering the text standard, with blank areas throughout where your rabbi would fill in your information by hand, or you can choose to have me do it for you so that all the font matches. If you plan on having your rabbi fill the text in for you, then please make sure you check with him or her and make sure that they are on board and comfortable doing that. Many rabbis do require that the ketubah be pre-filled, and that's something you don't want to find out on your wedding day.

If you choose to have me fill the ketubah in for you, then I will create a digital proof for you and your rabbi or officiant to check and approve before we finalize the ketubah. If you would like me to fill the ketubah text in for you, then under "Personalize", select "we fill in details for you". 

Please note that regardless of which option you choose, your ketubah will still have signature lines on the bottom for you, your witnesses and officiant to sign by hand.


Do you recommend that we fill in the ketubah ourselves or that we have you do it?

I highly recommend having us fill in your text (rather than leaving it blank) because it eliminates any chances of last minute stress, errors, or just plain old bad handwriting on your beautiful ketubah!

 If you order your ketubah with personalized text, then I will email you a form with all the information we will need to fill in your text. I will then create a digital proof for you and your rabbi or officiant to check and approve before completing the ketubah.

What if I want my ketubah to be only in Hebrew or only in English?

All of my ketubahs are available with English, Hebrew, or both. If you are ordering a round text design in the smallest size, then I recommend going with only one language. 

If you are ordering the small size with both languages, then I highly recommend having us fill the ketubah in for you -- it is hard to do with small lines.

Can you translate my custom text into Hebrew? Does it cost extra?

Translation is included if we are filling in your text. For custom text there will be an additional charge.

We are an interfaith couple. Do you have any texts that will work for us?

Absolutely! I offer a special interfaith text. The Egalitarian, Humanist and Reform texts are also popular with interfaith couples.

Can we mix and match texts? Like have an Orthodox text in Hebrew and an Egalitarian in English?

Sure! I believe that your ketubah should be as unique as you are, so I am happy to customize it in any way you like.

Just shoot me an email and let me know which texts you would like in which language. There is no extra charge for mixing and matching texts from my site.

What if we are not being married by a Rabbi?

No problem! I can make the signature line on the bottom say Officiant, Cantor, or anything else you prefer, just send me an email as soon as you place your order and let me know. If you don't have a rabbi officiating, then I highly recommend having us fill the text in for you -- otherwise, please make sure whoever is going to fill it in for you is comfortable reading and writing Hebrew (and who has good handwriting too!).  

Do I get to check over my ketubah before you print it?

If we are filling your ketubah in for you, then absolutely! I always send a proof for you and your Rabbi to check over before we print.

If you are ordering a blank ketubah and would like a digital proof, please shoot me an email as soon as you place your order to let me know that you would like a proof before it goes out.  

Other Ketubah Questions

What is the gold leaf option?

Gold leaf is real gold ground down into very thin sheets and then liquified. If you choose this option, I will hand-paint a layer of either white or yellow gold (your choice) details over your ketubah. 

Do you take orders for original commissioned ketubahs?

I sure do! Creating original art is my favorite. 

Custom art needs to be ordered at least 2 months from when you want to have your ketubah (in most cases, if you're in a big rush it doesn't hurt to reach out -- sometimes you can get in luck and catch me in-between commissions).

It also is significantly more expensive than choosing an already-existing design. If a completely custom commission is above your budget, you can always get a quote for modifying an already-existing design rather than starting from scratch entirely. 

Learn more about commissioned ketubahs here

How long does the Ketubah process take?

If you order your ketubah with personalized text, then I will send you a digital proof within 5 business days of receiving your filled out customization form. Ketubahs are shipped within a week of final proof approval.

What if I have a rush order?

Rush orders are usually not a problem, but if your wedding is in less than three weeks, please check with me before placing the order to make sure I can get it to you on time.

What if my Rabbi has a specific text he wants us to use?

No problem! I can use any text you like (as long as it is not copyrighted or you have permission from the owner). Just chose “custom text” at checkout and email me the text.

What kind of prints are your ketubahs?

My ketubahs are Giclee prints, also known as Archival or Museum-Quality prints. They are museum-quality prints on acid-free textured cold press watercolor paper using ultrachrome inks. I use only the highest quality printing to insure that your ketubah will stay with you and stay as vibrant as the day you got it.

How are the ketubahs shipped and how long does delivery take?

I usually ship with USPS Priority Mail and delivery usually takes 2-3 business days in the continental US.

I live outside the continental US can you ship to me and how much does it cost?

Of course! And if your ketubah costs over $400, it's free! 


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Caryn Pilnick
Just Magnificent

We are so happy to have found Anna. Our ketubah is magnificent. The design of the hearts represents our family and children becoming one. The words are so meaningful to our lives that those closest to us cried when they read it. I can’t wait to display it at my wedding this summer. ❤️🪬

Exceptional Product

I am beyond thrilled with this beautiful work of art, Two Hearts Into One Tree Ketubah. Anna's artistry is beautiful and it is clear that she puts her heart and soul into her work. I am so excited to present this special gift to my son and daughter-in-law. Thank you Anna for your exceptional customer service as well. I will happily promote your studio to all my family and friends. I am so happy I found you!!!

Stunning katubah

Anna was amazing and made ordering the Katuba for my son snd future daughter in law so easy ! It came out gorgeous and am so excited to give them the beautiful piece on artwork on their wedding g day

Esther Letven
Perfect Design and Quality

We purchased this for my niece and her fiance right before their wedding. Anna made the whole process very satisfying. Ordering was easy and the delivery was timely. The quality and design were exceptional. The newlyweds loved it and have hung it proudly in their home as an art object.

Thank you so much for the kind review, Esther. It was wonderful working with you!

Dianna Glick
Beautiful Ketubah!

Thank you so much Anna! We received our Ketubah today and it is absolutely beautiful. You made this process easy and have been a pleasure to work with.
We loved the choice of making our Ketubah modern and unique, like us :)
And thank you for getting it to us so quickly!
Bill and Dianna