Printable Ketubah (Downloads)


What is a Printable Ketubah?

A printable ketubah is a digital, downloadable high resolution ketubah file which you can either print at home or take to a local print shop. There are a few reasons a ketubah download may be a good idea for you.

First and foremost, a downloadable ketubah file is a great solution if you are in a hurry.

Getting married tomorrow and didn’t know what a ketubah was until today? Don’t worry, I got you covered! Select any of my downloadable ketubah designs and you can have it printed and ready in no time. In most cases I can have your ready-to-go ketubah file in your inbox within 24 business hours or less.

Another great reason to order a printable ketubah download is if you want to make your own ketubah art! You can download a beautifully formatted ketubah text file, print it on paper and canvas, and paint it together. I even have options to format your text into a circle, square or rectangle. Even if you can’t draw a stick figure, think bright abstract colors, simple shapes, or even finger paint! What a beautiful, memorable project for you and your loved one. Have it printed on canvas or watercolor paper and have a blast!

Finally, a printable ketubah can also be a great idea if you want to print your ketubah on a special material that I don’t currently offer. All of my ketubahs come standard on slightly textured, acid-free, cold press watercolor paper and using ultrachrome archival inks. But what if you want your ketubah on something special, like fabric, canvas or wood? Easy peasy, just order a downloadable ketubah file and work with a local printer to make it your own.

How Does a Ketubah Download Work?

First, select the art that speaks to you and your partner in my Printable Ketubah Collection. Next, decide what size you are planning on printing it so I know what size to format the ketubah file for you. Then, browse the ketubah texts to find the one that relates most to your relationship. I offer a wide range of downloadable ketubah texts, including Conservative with Lieberman Clause, Orthodox, Interfaith, Secular, Reform, Egalitarian, Humanist, Same Sex and Non-Binary. Choose the ketubah text that is most meaningful to you. Pro tip: if you are being married by a rabbi, make sure they give you the all-clear on the text choice.  You can even choose to provide your own text (as long as you have permission from whoever wrote it) or write your own ketubah text. We can even translate it for you, but please note that this does require more time.

Finally, decide if you would like the text filled-in or blank. You can learn the difference between those two options here. If you order your ketubah with a blank text, please make sure you are comfortable filling it in by hand in both English and Hebrew (or order it in English only).

If you choose to have us fill the text in for you, then fill out the handy dandy ketubah customization form that will come in your receipt email. As soon as we receive it, we will translate all your personal information into Hebrew and get a digital proof ready for you in a day or two, which you can check and ask your rabbi to check as well before we email you your high resolution downloadable ketubah file for printing. Need it faster than that? Please email me and check my current production time to make sure I can accommodate. Believe it or not, I can often get a proof ready for you in just a few hours.

Remember, with a downloadable ketubah no actual package is coming to your door! Want that big white box to show up on your doorstep and the thrill of opening up your ketubah art with its hand painted gold leaf details? Then go ahead and order a regular ketubah that I will make with the utmost care, package lovingly and ship to your door. But if you’re in a hurry, want to do your own printing, or want to paint your own ketubah art, then a high resolution ketubah for printing is the perfect way to go.

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