Ketubah Text Options


You should choose a text that you and your partner feel a connection to.

Often rabbis will also have requirements for your ketubah text, so please make sure to consult with your officiant and have them approve whichever text you select. If you are not sure which type of text is best for you, asking your officiant is the perfect first step. All of the ketubahs are available with text in English, Hebrew, or both.

I offer a special Interfaith text. The Egalitarian, Reform, Secular, and Humanist texts are also popular with interfaith couples.

I believe that your ketubah should be as unique as you are, so I am happy to customize it in any way you like. You can even mix and match texts and there is no extra charge for mixing and matching texts from my site!

If none of the texts on my site speak to you, or your rabbi has a specific text he or she would like you to use, you can always provide your own text or even consider writing your own ketubah text