Quaker Marriage Certificates

If you’re looking for a selection of very fancy marriage certificates for your wedding day, look no more! A deluxe, artistic marriage certificate is a beautiful alternative to a guest book that honors your vows and your wedding guests. A beautiful marriage certificate is a special tradition with roots in many cultures, including Quaker and Judaism, but is now popular with couples of all faiths and backgrounds. This alternative to a traditional Wedding Guest Book is a beautiful marriage (see what I did there?) of your promises to each other and fine art, which guests at your wedding can sign. Some people have all their wedding guests sign their high end marriage certificate, while others prefer to have their deluxe marriage certificate signed by family, the wedding party, or a selected group of honored guests. You also have the option of using our suggested text for your wedding certificate, or writing your own. Best of all, you will have an heirloom work of art to proudly display in your home long after your wedding day! You can even add on mini-versions for your family.  

A luxurious marriage certificate is a way to commemorate your special moment. When you pair your wedding vows with fine art, your beautiful marriage certificate will be a continuous reminder of the promises you made to each other. A fancy marriage certificate is also a meaningful way to honor all the people who came to witness and celebrate with you. Few couples like to frame and hang their marriage license – after all, it is a pretty ordinary looking document, so buying an artistic marriage certificate is the perfect solution.  

A fancy marriage certificate in pastels

Pastel Romantic Marriage Certificate

All my unique marriage certificates are based on my original watercolor paintings. I use only the highest quality, archival materials so your wedding certificate will be as bright and vibrant on your fiftieth wedding anniversary as it is on the day you sign it. I print every beautiful marriage certificate with archival ultra-chrome inks on textured, cold press watercolor paper. You can also add gold leaf to your marriage certificate! This means I will hand-paint highlights of 14k gold onto your art.

Detail of a deluxe marriage certificate

Two Hearts into One Marriage Certificate

So whether you’re looking for a unique way to make the beauty of your wedding day last forever, or you are in search of that perfect, meaningful wedding gift for a couple you love, a fancy marriage certificate is the way to go!

An arboreal marriage certificate in the context of an interior design

Banyan Tree Marriage Certificate

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