Interfaith Ketubah

Interfaith Ketubah Options

A ketubah is a beautiful tradition for an interfaith wedding and I love working with couples of all faiths! Every ketubah in my collection is available with interfaith ketubah text. The egalitarian ketubah text, secular ketubah text, and the two Reform ketubah texts are also popular choices for interreligious couples. Make sure to browse all the ketubah text options and find the one that speaks to you. Then pick the ketubah design of your choice and select the size and whether or not you would like the text filled in. After you make those selections, a box will appear that reads “Select Your Text Style”.  This is where you you’ll want to select the text that speaks to you and your partner.

Here are some things to think about when selecting your perfect interfaith ketubah text. A ketubah is a beautiful tradition for all religions. What makes an interfaith ketubah text unique is that rather than focusing on a higher power, it is instead centered on the vows the bride and groom make to each other and the values of the home they are building they will build together. An interreligious ketubah honors the traditions and religions of both the bride and the groom by celebrating the differences in their backgrounds, which will enrich their story and strengthen their family. The couple promises to be faithful partners, to honor each other, to share their hopes and dreams. They vow to protect each other in times of trouble and cherish each other in times of joy.

Interfaith Ketubah for an Interreligious Couple

Rather than focusing on one religion as the foundation for their family values, an interreligious ketubah text is sealed by the bride and groom’s commitment to each other. Since this text is secular and does not mention any God or religion, it is perfect for couples of different faiths, as well as for atheist or agnostic partners.

Another Example of a Nondenominational Interfaith Ketubah

The Egalitarian ketubah text also works wonderfully as a ketubah for all religions. This text focuses heavily on the rich and joyful life that the couple will strive to build together. This text is perfect for interfaith marriages because in it the couple promises to build a family in a home full of laughter, introspection, lively debate, knowledge of the world, and joy.  They also vow to treasure and enjoy their traditions, as well as to make them their own. In this ketubah text the bride and groom even promise to laugh daily, travel often and love always. They acknowledge how blessed they are to have found each other and that they belong in every way.

An interfaith, secular, atheist or agnostic ketubah is a great choice for a wedding.

What I love about the Reform ketubah texts, which also can be very fitting for an interfaith marriage, is the focus on making the world a better place. Tikun Olam, or “Repairing the World” is a core Jewish value, but it is also an important value in many religions. The Reform ketubah text grounds the bride and groom not only in their love for each other, but also in their commitment to social justice and to healing the world. Kindness, compassion, and peace are fundamental values in so many world religions and including them in your ketubah text is a beautiful way to tie your union to the larger community. The Reform ketubah texts also mention building a home filled with learning, laughter, compassion and peace.

Another interreligious newlywed couple signing a secular or nondenominational ketubah!

Some of my artistic ketubah designs incorporate imagery inspired by art from other cultures and regions of the world. For example the patterns and swirls in the Trees of Life ketubah is inspired by Persian folk art, and the Indian Dreams Ketubah is full of henna patterns – a tradition that has roots in Pakistan, India, Africa and the Middle East.  In the Mystical Forest Ketubah the groom wears a kippah, but it can be removed (just request it in your order notes).  

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