Make Your Ketubah, Blessing, or Baby Naming Certificate Sparkle with Real Gold!

Introducing.... GOLD!

Guess what, friends? Now you can add real 14K Yellow or White Gold to any Ketubah, Blessing, or Baby Naming Certificate in my Collection! 

Classic Love Tree Ketubah in Violet 

I have been busy adding it to everything! From Ketubahs to Blessings to Custom Art, it adds an extra dimension to the art, making it shine (quite literally). 

Jerusalem Love Tree Ketubah

Why Add Gold to a Ketubah? 

Adding gold leaf to a ketubah is a wonderful idea because it symbolizes the enduring and precious nature of the commitment being made. Gold has long been associated with wealth, beauty, and eternity, making it a meaningful addition to this sacred Jewish marriage contract. 

Jerusalem Blessing for the Home

The delicate process of applying gold leaf requires patience and craftsmanship, much like the care and effort that goes into building a strong and lasting marriage. Moreover, the shimmering gold leaf adds an element of opulence and grandeur to the ketubah, underscoring the significance of the marital covenant.

Love Tree Ketubah 

As the ketubah is often displayed prominently in the couple's home, the addition of gold leaf not only enhances its visual appeal but serves as a daily reminder of the lasting love and commitment shared between the newlyweds, making it a cherished and timeless keepsake.

Jerusalem Love Tree Ketubah with Round Text and Gold Leaf

Jerusalem Love Tree Ketubah with Round Text

Jerusalem Love Tree Ketubah

Two Hearts into One Ketubah
Mystical Forest Ketubah with Gold Leaf
Mystical Forest Ketubah with White Gold Leaf
Two Rings Ketubah by Anna Abramzon with 14K Gold Leaf
Hamsa Love Tree Ketubah with gold
Classic Love Tree Ketubah with Gold Leaf
So what are you waiting for? Add gold leaf to your next special gift, baby naming certificate or blessing, or anniversary gift! 

Go ahead, make your world sparkle!

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