It's Time for New Art!

Nearly a year ago, I released my first ever collection of original paintings.

I was blown away by your enthusiasm and support. I couldn’t believe that almost all the pieces sold out within 15 minutes of going live. It filled my heart with joy and gratitude.

Anna Abramzon Homeward Collection Release

I promised to do it again soon, especially because I knew that so many of you weren't able to get your hands on the pieces you had your heart set on. Well, soon is a relative term, and 2020 has been a doooooooozy. But, they say good things are worth waiting for.  

I am thrilled to introduce the Intimate Moments Collection, which will go live on December 4th.

Waltz with Lemons by Anna Abramzon, Colored Pencil on Paper

Waltz with Lemons, Colored Pencil on Paper

This series is a full year in the making! The Intimate Moments original pieces on paper are quiet, thoughtful, and intricate. A combination of figurative drawings and still life, the collection chronicles the many moments I have learned to notice and appreciate this year. 

A Moment of Reflection by Anna Abramzon, Graphite on Paper

Reflection, Graphite on Paper

When the 2020 roller coaster took off, I turned inward. I went from painting with big bold strokes, to drawing small, detailed, hyper realistic pieces. Each piece is a meditation and an exercise in gratitude. 

Friday with Pomegranate Still Life by Anna Abramzon, Colored Pencil on Paper

Friday with Pomegranate, Colored Pencil on Paper

This body of work celebrates life’s quiet moments of reflection and introspection.

Morning by Anna Abramzon, Colored Pencil on Paper

Morning, Colored Pencil on Paper

Members of the Collector's List will receive access to the collection a full 24 hours early, for the best chance to snag the piece they have their heart set on. Are you on the list? Sign up here


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