Anna Abramzon Studio

A Girl, A Journey, and the Meaning of Home

She would sit next to me on the school playground full of children speaking a language I didn’t understand, and make me cry for the smell of my grandma’s fried potatoes in Kiev. What I didn’t know then, but have come to learn, is that she was bringing me gifts.

Upcoming Collection Date Announcement

Sometimes life takes you on a journey that you never expected. Same goes for making art. 

Introducing the Klezmer Collection

Friends, I am finally ready to answer a question I have been getting over and over and over again since I launched my studio 9 years ago. "Where can I see or buy original art of yours without having to commission it?" For the last nine years, I have been so swamped with ketubahs, commissions, and raising little kids, that unfortunately, the answer has always been that I just don’t have anything available --- until now. 

Samantha & Joey: love at first sight

My sister's husband has been life long friends with Joey and his brothers. So I've known his brothers for years and he's known my sister for years, but the two of us were never at the same functions together. When the guys were at his brother's bachelor party I saw a picture of Joey and immediately called my sister to find out what this guy was all about.

The Story of a Very Special Commission

Alexa and Jonathan have a strong Jewish identity and wanted to tell their family's story, incorporating images of a violin, Israel, and San Francisco, where both of them grew up. They just moved into their beautiful home in Marin County, just north of San Francisco, and they wanted some meaningful art for their dining room -- I am so lucky that they picked me as their partner for this wonderful project.

Where are they now? Yan and Jessica

I was the only non-English speaking kid in my second-grade class, until, three months later, a red-headed boy appeared in the classroom doorway, with the deer-in-the-headlights look immediately recognizable to fellow immigrant children everywhere. Twenty-four years later, I had the pleasure of making a custom ketubah for Yan and his beautiful wife, Jessica. 

Shelby & Daniel, a stunning ketubah for a stunning wedding

He knew she was the one when she was able to pick up on all his pop culture and sci-fi references. For her, it was when he started talking about how much he cared for his family, which includes his pets.

Reflections on two years as a full-time small business owner

Anyone who knew me in 2016, knew that I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. And it wasn’t just the election – though that didn’t help. I wasn’t getting much sleep. I was barely eating and barely spending any quality time with my family. I was the definition of burning the candle at both ends --- after running my art studio as a “side hustle” for 6 years, I was going to make this the year that I would take the leap and go in on my art business full time.

Where are they now? Shannon & Ari

After being a guest at my wedding, and with her own wedding scheduled on the horizon, Shannon bravely enlisted me to make her ketubah – my first official ketubah order. I have to confess -- I was nervous. This was a lot of responsibility! It's one thing to make a ketubah for yourself and your husband (who, let's be honest, loves everything you do), but quite another to create something that your friends will keep in their home forever and pass on to their future children! 

Efforts to replace lost ketubahs makes the news

I want to extend my deepest gratitude to Melanie Woodrow of ABC7 News for helping spread the word about my efforts to replace ketubahs for anyone who lost theirs in the recent wildfires in California.


5 ways to curate a meaningful progressive Passover Seder

While some elements of the Passover story don’t quite sit right with me (Ehem, death of the firstborn), I still love the idea of a whole holiday that celebrates freedom. We kick off the holiday with the Passover Seder during which we perform rituals connected to various parts of the story. Here are 5 ideas for adding a Progressive modern twist to your family’s seder. 

Davi & Josh -- who were brought together by USY, Tinder, and...lice!

When Davi and Josh texted me that they had found me online and would I be able to make a ketubah with their spirit animals on it, I have to be honest -- I had to google what exactly a...

Ask the Rabbi with Rabbi Sara Shonfeld

Rabbi Sara Shonfeld is one of my very favorite rabbis to work with. Based in the New York area, she primarily officiates interfaith weddings, often working together with clergy of other faiths. 

Michael & Simone -- a story of wine, hot dogs and Manhattan

Of course we didn't have a bite to eat at our reception. After the party, at around midnight, we were so hungry that we went out walking in midtown Manhattan looking for an open hot dog stand. 

Meet Korovka, my surprise love

Last month I got an interesting request... Could I paint a portrait of a cow? No, not a specific now, just a funky, cool, happy cow. I had never considered painting a cow before. Why a cow you ask? I...

5 Reasons Purim is hands-down my favorite Jewish Holiday

Purim is right around the corner, kicking off the evening of March 20th. With Passover the heavy-hitter and sneaking up right after, this super awesome holiday often times gets overlooked. I am here to make the case that Purim is hands-down the most festive and fun of Jewish holidays and we should absolutely not miss it! 

Making New Ketubahs for Victims of California Fires

I knew from my friends who lost their homes during Harvey that the most painful part was losing photographs, art, kids’ artwork, and irreplaceable family heirlooms. I remembered a friend of mine in Tel Aviv, who during a grease fire in their kitchen, ran to save their ketubah. And that’s when it dawned on me – what if I offered to make new ketubahs for anyone who lost theirs?

A Tree of Life for Pittsburgh

It is so hard to wrap my mind about the horror of what happened in Pittsburgh.

Happy Jewish New Year!

Last Rosh Hashanah, we left our home in Houston and drove cross-country to start a new adventure in the San Francisco Bay.  What a year it has been! 

That time that my second job was International Detective

This is a story of a small business owner who played international detective to solve a mystery. A normal person would have let it go and trusted that the hands of fate would lead Oren and Catalina to me  – if these people were even the right Oren and Catalina! But this is not the story of a normal person, so I didn’t give up. 

How to stay married (and in love!) for 65 years

My grandparents are the perfect couple --- and not in a cliché “still in love after all these years” Hallmark card sort of way, but in a really solid, loving and tender sort of way. Anyone who spends a little bit of time with them can see how much they admire each other. Together they have survived war, hunger, exile to Siberia, anti-Semitism, a Communist regime, persecution, immigration and illnesses, and still through it all there is no bickering. After much convincing, they agreed to do a video interview with me to share their experience, wisdom and advice for a happy marriage.