Sneak Peak at the Upcoming Art Tallit Line!

Anna Abramzon Flower Tallit

I have dreamed of making a line of artistic Tallitot (Jewish Prayer Shawls) for almost as long as I have been painting ketubahs.

Anna Abramzon Tallit

As with my ketubah art, I love the idea of taking my contemporary artistic vision and "marrying" it with timeless Jewish tradition.

The logistics of putting out a tallit line; however, felt much too daunting to undertake... until now. 

Anna Abramzon Art Tallit

Working with fabric always felt completely outside my wheelhouse. I didn't know much about fabric printing, about working with fabrics in general... it all felt like too much to bite off.

Fall Leaves Tallit

Then I reminded myself that I didn't know all that much about the ketubah when I started painting them either!  In fact when I made my very first one, for Patricio and my wedding, I had no idea what I was doing! I had to learn all about ketubah texts, about Giclee printing, about gold leaf... and then when it turned into a business I learned about e-commerce, websites, selling platforms, shipping and so much more! If I could do all that, surely I could figure out how to release a line of tallit. 

First, I did what I do best. I painted all the art that I envisioned for the tallit designs in watercolor on paper. 

Mountain Landscape by Anna Abramzon

One perk of moving to Los Angeles is that it is a hub of creativity and production. Another perk was reconnecting with an old friend from art school, Ruth, who is a fashion designer here in LA! She is a wealth of information and has been teaching me all about which fabrics work best for what, and the best way to work with them and transfer art onto them. 

Anna Abramzon Mountain Tallit

After testing out many different fabrics, the winner was Duchess Satin. It is just the right weight and has just the perfect, luxurious amount of shine. 

Ruth and I are going to work hard this month to get a few samples ready for release in early spring, and possibly even open it up for pre-orders as soon as my next monthly art gift email ! So if you don't want to miss the chance to pre-order, make sure to hop on that Collector's List. I just can't wait to share these beauties with you! 

Flowers Tallit Anna Abramzon

By the way, Ruth makes the cutest and most comfortable face masks for kids and adults -- they're the only ones my kids keep on without complaining! Make sure to visit her Etsy shop and tell her I sent you. 

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  • Sherri Frank Weintrop

    I want to be one of the very first people to wear an Anna Abramzon tallit 🙏💕

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