Celebrating 4 Years as a Full Time Artist

Anna Abramzon Studio

I opened my studio 10 years ago and spent the first 6 years working 12-14 hour days, juggling a series of day jobs along with my art. Four years ago today was my last day at my last day job. It was also the end of a long era of making all my friends crazy by constantly talking about whether or not I should take the leap. The day I quit my 9-5 was at once terrifying and exhilarating -- it was a moment I thought I would never have the courage to make happen.

Every year around this time I take a beat and think about what I have learned in the past year and where my business is heading. Two years ago I wrote about the practical business strategies that I learned (sometimes the hard way, hello taxes!) in my first couple years in business. Last year, I meditated on a small act of kindness that happened 30 years earlier but continues to inspire me. I often think about my studio as my third child -- and this baby is not a toddler anymore! So where are we now?

 Well first and foremost, I am grateful.

This time last year I wasn't sure if my little studio would survive what was the hardest, most intense stress test small businesses all over the world have ever had to endure. But here I am a year later, thanks to the support of my wonderful collectors. Thank you all so much for sticking with me this year and for choosing my art as a worthy investment even at a precarious time. Thank you also for your patience when supply chain or delivery issues reared their ugly heads, and when my family and I came down with Covid and I needed time to get back on my feet. 

Lesson learned: have faith and count on your community. 

I am proud of myself. 

Anna Abramzon Intimate Moments Collection

In this year I pushed my art skills by challenging myself to create a full collection entirely in colored pencil. The Intimate Moments Collection was a slow, meticulous, meditative body of work, at a time when everything else in life felt chaotic and unmanageable. These detailed, large scale drawings were  an exercise in control. I am incredibly grateful by how warmly it was received and have loved seeing photos you have shared with me of the art hanging in your homes. 

Anna Abramzon Still Lifes Framed

Morning by Anna Abramzon

Morning hanging in living room in Tiburon

Lesson Learned: when external circumstances are moving too fast and feel out of your control, take the reigns by looking inward and slowing down.  

I am more excited than ever about the future.  

I have so much up my sleeve! The most imminent is the launch of a long awaited dream project. This year I set out to finally make a long term goal of mine come true. 

Anna Abramzon Mountain Tallit Set

I have wanted to make wearable art tallitot for almost as long as I have been painting ketubot.  After six months of planning and hard work, I can't believe that the project is a few weeks away from its debut! 

Jerusalem Tallit by Anna Abramzon Sneak Peak

This project has pushed me way out of my comfort zone, but I am so excited about all I have learned.

Fall Leaves Tallit by Anna Abramzon

I can't wait to share the full collection with you! Pre orders will open in just a few weeks, so stay tuned to The Collector's List to be the first to get yours! 

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