Amy & Scott's Ketubah Expresses Their Love for Each Other and for Israel

Amy and Scott met on a blind date. It was two and a half months later, mid-bite into a Caprese Salad that Amy realized she had fallen in love with Scott. Little did she know that Scott knew he loved her only a month after their historic first date.

When it came time to pick a ketubah, they wanted to create a unique design that symbolizes both their love for each other, and their shared love of Israel. 

Sometimes the best way to go about designing your ketubah is to pick a piece that already speaks to you and make it your own. That's the route that Amy and Scott chose when they asked if I could take the Love's Embrace ketubah and pair it with a Jerusalem skyline.

Love's Embrace by Anna Abramzon

I couldn't have loved this idea more! The Love's Embrace ketubah is inspired by the intricate and playful style of one of my favorite painters, Gustav Klimt -- the opportunity of painting a Jerusalem skyline in the same style was more than a little bit enticing. So I got to work... 

Jerusalem Skyline by Anna Abramzon

Thanks, Amy and Scott, for leading me down this path. 

Love's Embrace Ketubah with Jerusalem Skyline

I couldn't wait to share how it came out with the happy couple. 

Amy and Scott say their favorite part of the wedding day was being under the chuppah, and I can see why! Wow what a gorgeous setting.

Amy and Scott under the chuppah

Their advice for other couples? Have fun and enjoy the process!

I was just thrilled when Amy and Scott shared the gorgeous wedding photos by Aurora Pines Photography with me. 

Amy and Scott under the chuppah

I asked the newlyweds what they consider to be the most important value in their marriage? 

Our most important value is love because at the end of the day that is what binds us together. 

Amy and Scott and their ketubah by Anna Abramzon Studio

And even though the violinist they hired stood them up on their wedding day, Amy and Scott rolled with the punches, enjoying a Spotify playlist their venue had ready to go. 

I was thrilled to see how beautiful it looks hanging in their home. 

Amy and Scott's Ketubah framed

Mazel Tov Amy and Scott! Wishing you many more delicious Caprese Salads, beautiful beach settings, visits to Israel and may every date feel as exhilarating as your first! 

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