A New Painting for Reichman University and a Trip Down Memory Lane for Me

When I packed up my art degree and moved to Israel, bright eyed and bushy tailed at the age of 23, my tentative plan was to get a masters degree in art therapy. Luckily, I realized before diving too far in that being an art therapist would not have been a good fit for my personality (I can hardly watch a sad movie without being a slobbering mess for days on end, lots of good I would have been for real life patients!). So instead I painted in my little Jerusalem apartment, and soaked up all the inspiration that would eventually lead to the opening of my art studio. 

Anna in Tel Aviv 2007

Me in Tel Aviv 2007

Little did I know that years later, I would be hired to create art for one of the very universities I thought about attending! 

Reichman University, formerly known as IDC in beautiful Herzliya is Israel's first private non-profit university. Founded in 1994, Reichman University is committed to training future leaders. With degree options including psychology, law and computer science, it has become an international destination for higher learning. 

So when the American Friends of Reichman University (IDC) approached me about a project, I couldn't have been more excited. The university was changing names from IDC Herzliya to Reichman University, and they wanted to commission a painting of their campus that could then be reproduced on glass boards to give as plaques for all their donors. 

First, I spent hours pouring and daydreaming over the beautiful images of their campus. Browsing them I felt transported back to Israel, I could almost smell the warm air. Couldn't you see me sitting on that bench outside the dorms with a sketchbook?

Reichman University Dorms (IDC)

Or drinking my iced coffee under this peaceful tree... 

IDC Hertzliya Reichman University

Or taking a break from studying to gaze out the window of my dorm room... *sigh*... 

Reichman University Dorms Israel

Eventually I stopped daydreaming and got to sketching... 

Sketch A for IDC Herzliya

sketch A

sketch B

sketch B

Both of the ideas I came up with were based on the scenery from the majestic campus. The Friends of Reichman University team decided to go with sketch B, focusing on the gorgeous oversized tree out in front of the campus. 

So I started painting... the color concept was shades of blue with splashes of gold. It took all my willpower not to paint a tiny little self-portrait under the tree -- wouldn't that have made a funny surprise? 

Reichman University Painting work in progress


Reichman University Donors Painting IDC Herzliya

I was so thrilled that the good folks at Reichman thought I did their campus proud. And now I get to make glass board plaques for all the good people that decide to support this wonderful university in my favorite little country! 

Challah Board for Reichman University
Reichman University Plaque

So when pandemics get in the way of long overdue visits to Israel, the next best thing is an art project that takes you down memory lane ... Thanks, Reichman University! 

Like what you see? Learn how commissioning original art works here

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  • Jane

    Wow! Beautiful painting and a lovely story! I didn’t realize IDC changed its name.

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