Tallitot are coming! Tallitot are coming!

I am so excited to share my latest product line! I have wanted to design a line of wearable art tallit for so long, someone pinch me. 

Mountain Tallit by Anna Abramzon

By popular demand, this is a sneak peak of some of the designs coming your way later this month... 


The Colorful Jerusalem Tallit

For those who love Jerusalem as much as I do, this tallit is based on my whimsical watercolor interpretation of this magical city. 

Colorful Jerusalem Tallit by Anna Abramzon

The Mountain Landscape Tallit

Living in California, I have come to love mountain landscapes. This tallit is inspired by the majesty of the great outdoors. 

Mountain Tallit by Anna Abramzon


The Fall Leaves Tallit

Growing up in Chicago, my favorite season was fall. There is nothing like the color, crunch, and smell of crisp fall leaves. The inspiration behind this design is a fresh autumn morning. 

Fall Leaves Tallit by Anna Abramzon

Jerusalem Stone Tallit

The painting behind this tallit was inspired by the Western Wall in Jerusalem and the keter says "If I forget theeO Jerusalem, let my right hand forget its skill" from Psalm 137:5 (in Hebrew). This neutral palette is sure to match any outfit.

Jerusalem Stone Tallit by Anna Abramzon

Springtime Flowers Tallit

This playful, whimsical tallit design has a retro flair and is one of my personal favorites. 

Sprintime Flowers Tallit by Anna Abramzon


And that's not all! 

The tallit will come with all sorts of goodies... such as matching kippot.

Kippot by Anna Abramzon

and matching tallit bags. 

Tallit Bags by Anna Abramzon

and matching Bar/Bat Mitzvah Certificates... 

Mountain Bar Mitzvah Certificate by Anna Abramzon

So excited to roll these out in just a few weeks! The first batch will have limited quantities, so make sure to hop on The Collector's List if you want first dibs. 


  • Dan

    So proud that our son Sam could be the first bar mitzvah to don this amazing design. He absolutely loved it, as did all family in attendance. I predict a run on the tallitot!

  • Alya

    Love these so much! The mountain landscape one is calling my name.

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