Shelby & Daniel, a stunning ketubah for a stunning wedding

Shelby first contacted me about her ketubah almost a full year before her scheduled wedding. Whenever that happens, I know that the ketubah is going to be a central, meaningful heirloom for the couple. Shelby and her groom, Daniel ordered a highly customized ketubah, with their own text and custom color to match their wedding motif. It was wonderful to catch up with them after the big day and ogle their stunning wedding photos.

How did the two of you meet?

We met at a mutual friend's house as they were hosting a Shabbat potluck dinner. It was quite fun and serendipitous really.

Photo by Imagine Studios

How did you know he/she was the one?

For him, he knew when she was able to pick up on all his pop culture and sci-fi references. For her, when he started talking about how much he cared for his family, which includes his pets.

Photo by Imagine Studios

What did you want your ketubah to tell about your love story?

Our ketubah was created in the color scheme of our wedding and features several trees, it has a focal point of the couple embracing, and for us, it really signifies how we center our relationship not only on caring and supporting one another but in doing so while embracing Jewish tradition.

Photo by Imagine Studios

What is the most important value as a foundation for your marriage and why?

A focus on not only our Jewish identities but building and supporting the community overall.

Photo by Imagine Studios

What advice would you give to other couples just starting the wedding planning process?

Try not to stress about it as much as possible.

Photo by Imagine Studios

What was your favorite moment of the wedding day?

The photographer got a "candid" shot of us high-fiving one another immediately after the ceremony and this is really a special moment. I think it just shows how we care about one another and how excited we were to continue our journey in love.

Photo by Imagine Studios


  • Shelby L. Schiller

    Hey Angie,

    The bride here! I’d like to think I’m fairly low stress. I did reach out often and with any concerns immediately. Anna and I worked very well together and I’d like to think she became a part of the family throughout the process.

    I was also very specific with what I had envisioned which I think helped things go smoothly.


  • Angie

    So gorgeous Anna! Do you ever get nervous when presenting it to the bride? Having booked you so far in advance, does that add pressure or do you thrive from it?

    I think thats incredible that you play such an integral role in this lifetime milestone. What an honor! (I get asked to do weddings, but its normally signs that say “Bathroom” with an arrow on it hahaha

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