The Story of a Very Special Commission

Meet Alexa and Jonathan.  They are basically the perfect family --  two doctors with two and a half adorable children. Way to make their Soviet immigrant parents proud! 

Here are some fun facts about the Khershonsky's:

  • They are both anesthesiologists but did not meet in med school
  • They are a very musical family. Jonathan was once a ballroom dance champion and they both play a bunch of instruments. 
  • Alexa's mom is a professional violinist
  • In their yard, they raise chickens and bees!

Here are their adorable kiddos:

They just moved into their beautiful home in Marin County, just north of San Francisco, and they wanted some meaningful art for their dining room -- I am so lucky that they picked me as their partner for this wonderful project. Alexa and Jonathan have a strong Jewish identity and wanted to tell their family's story, incorporating images of a violin, Israel, and San Francisco, where both of them grew up. They also wanted their art to be a diptych -- two paintings that go together. 

I presented them with this sketch: 

The concept was to have a little girl playing the violin -- a reference to Eastern Europe via Fiddler on the Roof and Chagall's famous paintings -- and out of her violin would flow a stream of music in the form of the Jerusalem skyline merging into San Francisco. They approved it and gave me free rein on the colors --- you might say I was a tidbit excited about that. 

So I got to work! 


Drumroll please....


My favorite part of having local clients, is getting to go with them to pick the frames.

And so Alexa and I did:



And then about a week later...


You can tell Hubby and I were a little bit excited. But not as excited as we when we saw the final product all framed and hung in their beautiful home! 


Mazel tov Alexa and Jonathan, on your new home and your new art! I hope the painting gets to witness many years of laughter, joy, celebrations, and, of course, all the music! Thank you for choosing me as your partner for this beautiful project, I enjoyed every minute! 


  • Sasha Vaikhman

    Anna, these are beautiful!

  • Lina Erez

    Beautiful story and art <3

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