Introducing the Klezmer Collection

Klezmer Musician by Anna Abramzon

Friends, I am finally ready to answer a question I have been getting over and over and over again since I launched my studio 9 years ago.

Where can you see or buy original art of mine without having to commission it? 

For the last nine years, I have been so swamped with ketubahs, commissions, and raising little kids, that unfortunately, the answer has always been that I just don’t have anything available --- until now. For the first time, I am committing to creating a collection of paintings and to have them ready for you in early November, for the holidays. I can’t promise how many paintings I will be able to complete in that time frame, but my goal is 5-10 in different sizes and price points.


The theme I chose for this collection is Klezmer music.

Jewish culture has a strong history of music, and on a personal “note” (see what I did there?) there are many musicians in my family, and yet I don’t know how to play an instrument! I started piano lessons as a child in the Soviet Union, but after immigrating to the United States I never picked them up again, so that was that. Whenever I listen to music (which is almost constantly), or go to a concert (which is at every opportunity), I am incredibly inspired to pick up the one instrument that I know how to use --- my paintbrush.


I need your help!

This is the biggest challenge I have given myself since quitting my day job two and a half years ago. I need you to hold me accountable, check in on me, and make sure I am sticking to the plan. And on my end, I promise to share my progress as I go along.

Friends on my “free gift” email list will get first access to the collection at the start of November – so you will have first dibs on the originals before I let the collection to live to the public. Not signed up? Hurry and get on the list here. Stay tuned – I am so excited to set off on this journey with you.





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