Asya and Garry's Against the Odds 2020 Dream Wedding

Asya and Garry met thanks to their Big Fat Jewish Family. Garry's aunt and Asya's mom's best friend decided to play yentas and hook them up. They must really have a knack for this, because wow did that work out well! 
The lovebirds spoke on the phone constantly for three weeks before meeting in person.  By the time they had their first date, they felt like they already knew everything about each other. 
Asya: On our very first date I was able to be completely myself with him.
Asya and Garry Engagement Photo by Linda Stark
Photo by Linda Stark
After getting engaged, one of their first projects was to commission a completely original dream ketubah.

I asked them what they wanted their ketubah to tell about their love story. 

Asya: Our magical first date in our favorite place in the world (Central Park), our ketubah shows our passion for traveling and his ambition to make all my dreams come true. He stayed out all night with me in the coldest night in Iceland just so I could see the northern lights. I wanted our ketubah to should the little pieces of our love story and helped out everything together. His ambition in becoming a pilot while being a first year resident (which is essentially impossible) and the beautiful flights he took me on that followed. Our sweet cats that we decided on a whim to get and ended up bringing us even closer together.

Asya and Garry wanted their ketubah to feature Central Park, the Northern Lights, Garry's small airplane, a Hamsa, and their two adorable kitties.

After playing with a few options and and sketches, they approved their design.
Anna Abramzon Ketubah Sketch for Asya and Garry 2020

What advice would you give to other couples just starting the wedding planning process?

Asya says, "Just take it one step at a time and most importantly ENJOY the process. It’s not meant to be tedious little steps. It’s meant to be about you two working together to celebrate your love in whatever way that means most to you. Everyone around you will have requests, suggestions, demands. Never forget what that day is about. We didn’t no matter how hard things got (ESPECIALLY with COVID) and we ended up with the fairytale wedding we always dreamed of... against all odds!"

Asya and Garry gave me free reign on the color scheme for their ketubah -- which is always so very exciting for me!

After months of working together and weeks of painting, I couldn't wait to show them the final product.

They loved it as much as I hoped they would. 


Original Hand Painted Ketubah by Anna Abramzon for Asya and Garry

Hand Painted Ketubah by Anna Abramzon for Asya and Garry

What is the most important value as a foundation for your marriage and why?

Asya: It takes two to tango... like my dad always said. From the very beginning we were a support for each other while I finished school and he went through residency. We saw each other once every 3 weeks until we eventually moved in together. You need to be able to listen to each other, be compassionate, love and understand... and that’s what we were. He became my best friend and I think that is the very basis for any marriage.
Anna Abramzon Hand Painted Hamsa Ketubah for Asya and Garry
Thanks to Covid and the 2020 roller coaster, Garry and Asya ended up having to postpone their wedding by 6 months, but in the end their dream wedding was all they hoped it would be. 
Asya and Garry Ketubah Signing Anna Abramzon Ketubah

What was your favorite moment of the wedding day?

Asya: Vows. Everything about our engagement, relationship, wedding was no surprise ... but our vows we kept private until the very day and although I am a very extroverted person my now husband was generally not. When he spoke his vows during the ceremony the whole room disappeared it was just me and him and every word was absolutely beautiful. I’ll never forget it.


Gary and Asya with their Anna Abramzon ketubah on their wedding day
Photo by Linda Stark

Tell me something that happened at your wedding or wedding planning that you wouldn’t want published in the New York Times.

Asya: The wedding day was such a blur and so blissful that I literally couldn’t think of anything... Except maybe someone stepping on my veil as I walked down the aisle.  That was a nightmare, haha! I carried this long train all day for it to come off at the most important moment... 
Asya and Garry with Anna Abramzon Ketubah
Photo by Linda Stark
Asya and Garry, I am so happy that you were able to have your dream wedding against the odds!
Garry and Asya by Linda Stark
Photo by Linda Stark
I wish you two a lifetime of adventure, inspiration, family, tradition, and caring for each other the way you always have. Mazel Tov!!

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