Upcoming Collection Date Announcement

Sometimes life takes you on a journey that you never expected.

Same goes for making art. When I first felt the urge to create a new collection, I thought it would be about one of my great loves -- music. Turns out, the art had another plan for me. This collection is turning out to be about so much more. This collection is about inspiration. It's about finding a voice. It's about a return to yourself. 

painting by Anna Abramzon

For this collection, I am combining my signature with rich, whimsical colors with dramatic lighting, and dark, saturated backgrounds. 

Shabbat Blessing by Anna Abramzon

The collection will go live on December 4th

But my VIP list will get access first on December 3rd. Don't want to miss out? Make sure to snag your spot on that list!

Know someone who has bare walls to fill? Or want to send your hubby a hint with what you want for the holidays? Make sure they're on the list too


  • Laurie sutkin

    I am in love with your Shabbos candle lighting picture and will be very interested in purchasing a copy when it’s available.

  • Alla Gilgurd

    Beautiful paintings, can not wait to see the full collection. Will you sell the original painting or lithographs?

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