A New York in Las Vegas Themed Ketubah for Ben and Sarah

Ben and Sarah came to me with a unique request -- this Philadelphia couple wanted a ketubah based on the New York roller coaster in Las Vegas. There's a first time for everything! But there was a special reason this couple had their heart set on this particular idea...  they got engaged on that ride! How cool is that? 

Ben and Sarah on their favorite roller coaster

Now, I have a confession to make -- I have never actually been to Las Vegas. I know, it's unacceptable considering I live in driving distance in Los Angeles. Working with this gorgeous couple convinced me that I should remedy that sometime soon!

Look at these smiling newly engaged faces...

Ben and Sarah newly engaged

This is what's so fun about commissioning a completely custom hand-painted ketubah: I paint it one-of-a-kind just for you so it can be as personal as you want it to be. I bet you Ben and Sarah are the only people in the world with a New York Roller Coaster themed ketubah, and that's because it is uniquely meaningful to them! 

Here is the list of ketubah ideas we came up with during our brainstorming session: 

  • NYC Roller Coaster in Vegas
  • Abstract Roller Coaster more than photographic
  • A little bit of buildings and the statue of liberty
  • Sarah likes art that reminds her of something special — a memory or place
  • Impressionists maybe (Monet/Cezanne?) 
  • Open to both muted and bright colors
  • Yayoi Kusama

First thing I had to do was research what this famous New York roller coaster looks like. I found a few photos online that looked really interesting and geometric. 

New York Roller Coaster Las Vegas


New York Roller Coaster

I loved all the shapes, textures and colors in these pictures and could see potential for a super cool ketubah. Here are the sketches I presented Sarah and Ben with:

Sarah and Ben ketubah sketch

Sketch B

Ben and Sarah loved sketch A, but wanted to understand a bit more of my vision. for example, they wanted to make sure the design would be somewhat abstract, but still recognizable as that specific roller coaster. I knew exactly what they meant. We discussed colors and medium and then we were ready to get to work on text. 

The creative couple wrote a really beautiful ketubah text all of their own, which we translated to Hebrew for them.

Here is a favorite excerpt from their beautiful text: 

Let us be partners in marriage according to the tradition of Moses and Israel. We will love and cherish, honor, support, and defend each other in faithfulness and integrity. The bride and groom have also promised each other, before their families and friends, to establish a home that will be a house of warmth and humor, a haven of peace and togetherness. They have also resolved to grow with one another, to challenge each other, and to respect each other, remembering each other’s needs and taking delight in each other’s lives and their life together. They pledge to be tolerant of each other’s weaknesses; support each other in all endeavors through life’s ups, downs, twists, and turns; and seek spiritual fulfillment with each other as partners, and with their family, friends, and community. It is valid and binding. 

Now it was time to roll up my sleeves and start the fun part - painting! 

Look at this beautiful frame Ben and Sarah selected! They took their ketubah to Flying Pig Picture Frames — check them out if you are in Philadelphia.  

Ben and Sarah's New York Roller Coaster in Las Vegas Ketubah

Sarah and Ben loved their ketubah! I was so glad I got the level of abstraction vs recognizability where they wanted it.

Ben and Sarah signing their Roller Coaster New York Ketubah

Ben and Sarah Ketubah Signing

Sarah signing her ketubah

Their wedding was a rainy day, which made it even more romantic and beautiful.

Check out these gorgeous photos by the incredibly talented Tilly Blair Photography

Sarah and Ben Rainy Day Wedding

Sarah and Ben under the chuppah

Sarah and Ben's wedding party

Mazel Tov to the beautiful Sarah and Ben! May your life together be full of adventure, excitement, joy and blessings -- may it be as exhilarating and exciting as the roller coaster on your ketubah. L'chaim! 

Ben and Sarah wedding

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