Sarina and Jonathan's Colorful Travel Inspired Custom Ketubah

Meet Sarina and Jonathan. 

Sarina and Jonathan

I loved these guys from our first Zoom call. Like me, they had lived in Israel for years -- but unlike me, they lived in the Negev desert, one of my absolutely favorite parts of the country. 

This adventurous couple loves color, poppy flowers, and travel, and they wanted their ketubah to reflect that. To get my creative juices flowing, they sent me some absolutely gorgeous photos they took on their journeys, from Jerusalem to Morocco to Spain! 

Sarina and Jonathan's Travels 

Sarina and Jonathan's Travels in Spain

Mezuzah Cases

Here is the list of ketubah ideas we brainstormed together on our first call: 

  1. Moroccan  aesthetic — patterns, etc. 
  2. Colors of their Be’er Sheva apartment — mustard yellow, oranges, reds, warm/vibrant tones
  3. Spain
  4. Jerusalem Shouk (Machane Yechuda)
  5. Pomegranates to symbolize newness

And so I presented them with some ketubah layout sketches:

Ketubah Sketch A

Sketch B

Sketch C

They loved the first sketch and I was thrilled since that's the one I was secretly rooting for. And so, I got to work! 

Sarina and Jonathan loved their custom, hand painted ketubah. After their wedding day, they emailed to tell me about all the compliments they received, and how so many of their guests said that their ketubah was "so them." Mission accomplished! 

Sarina and Jonathan's Ketubah Framed and Displayed

What I loved about working on this vibrant ketubah, besides that I just love painting these intricate, colorful, detailed elements, is all the gorgeous Jewish symbolism we were able to weave into the design. 

For example, Pomegranates! 

In Jewish symbolism, pomegranates hold a rich and multifaceted significance, often representing fertility, abundance, and prosperity. The association between pomegranates and fertility is deeply rooted in ancient traditions, and the fruit is mentioned in the Hebrew Bible as a symbol of bounty. The pomegranate's seeds, encapsulated are a metaphor for the multitude of positive deeds, or mitzvot, that one can perform in life. That's why pomegranates are often featured in Jewish art and religious rituals. 

Sarina and Jonathan's Ketubah Signing

Sarina and Jonathan's Ketubah

We also included Hamsas, poppy flowers, and even a tree of life in this colorful ketubah! 

Mazel Tov, Sarina and Jonathan!

Wedding photos by Lulan Studio.

Please join me in wishing Sarina and Jonathan a huge Mazel Tov! Wishing you a long, happy marriage that is full of adventure and is as bright and colorful as your very unique ketubah. 

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