Sara and Jonah's Farm Animal Ketubah

Meet Sara and Jonah. 

Sara and Jonah

Sara and Jonah are vegan and love farm animals. That’s why they got married on a scenic Maryland farm animal sanctuary, surrounded by all kinds of beautiful creatures.

Sara and Jonah's Farm Animal Wedding

Sara and Jonah are both passionate about their compassion for all living things. They love exploring and being outdoors. When considering what they wanted for their ketubah, they thought about art that would express unity, joy, compassion, peace, resilience, conquering hardship, connection, and, of course, love.

Sara and Jonah's Farm Wedding

During our initial phone call, I brainstormed some of the things they wanted to  incorporate into their ketubah:

  • Pearl in oyster shell -- because it is Sara's middle name
  • Shark Teeth -- because Jonah loves treasure hunting and adventure
  • Animals!! Sara's favorite are pigs, Jonah's are pigeons
  • A tree of life
  • Iris flowers
  • Seashells
  • Beach
  • Washed up bottle on beach

So I came up with a few layout sketches for them trying to include as many meaningful elements as possible into their unique hand painted ketubah. After some revisions, here is the final sketch they landed on:

Sara and Jonah Ketubah Sketch

And so I got to work! I loved painting this whimsical, unique ketubah. This was really a fun one to work on. After all, it's not every day that a Judaica artist gets to paint piglets! =)

When I was finished, I surprised the happy couple with a video chronicling the process of their ketubah coming to life:

They loved it! I was so thrilled when they shared some photos by the very talented Margaret Wroblewski of their absolutely gorgeous farm wedding with me. 

Jonah and Sara's Farm Wedding Isn't this just beautiful? Not every day that a spotted cow gets to wish her Mazel Tov to the happy couple! 

Sara the bride Mazel Tov! Sara and Jonah under the chuppah with hand painted ketubah by Anna Abramzon



Sara and Jonah's signed, hand-painted ketubah

Congratulations Sara and Jonah! May you always celebrate your love for each other, and for all living beings. May you continue to live a life blessed with compassion, resilience, and joy. Mazel Tov! 


  • Justine Maller

    Just wanted to add to my prematurely posted comment:

    And mazel tov Sarah and Jonah!!

  • Justine Maller

    I absolutely love this ketubah! What a wonderful and beautiful way to customize an already gorgeous image (I’m lucky to have a similar one in our home). Sending love from california!

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