Celebrating 6 Years as a Full Time Artist

Anna Abramzon

Six years ago I left a job I loved and set out to take my art from a side hustle to a career.

Even though painting and drawing was all I wanted to do since about the age of three, it still took to my mid-30s to believe the dream was possible. The starving artist meme is engraved deep in our collective psyches, y’all!
These past six years have been an adventure, filled with celebrations a plenty, but also no shortage of tears and panic attacks (shoutout to Hubby and my amazing friends for enduring those stressful days).

A Typical Day in the Studio

Thank you!

I am incredibly thankful for the lifestyle this little business of mine has given me. I love spending my days in my studio, covered in paint, developing new products, and making your artistic visions a reality!
Heart Tree Ketubah
I am so grateful to the thousand+ couples (welp!) who have chosen my art for their ketubahs and for the opportunity to keep flexing my creative muscle to roll out new stuff (hello, tallits! challah boards! mezuzah cases!)
Anna Abramzon
Thank you SO MUCH, guys, for supporting me and my art for all this time. Can’t wait to see what the next six years bring. L’Chaim!

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