Banyan Tree Marriage Certificate
Banyan Tree Marriage Certificate

Banyan Tree Marriage Certificate

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Sky above, sand below, peace within

This vibrant ketubah is inspired by the magic of Banyan trees. The bright, strong tree is a perfect symbol of of two lives coming together into one. The water and sunset background is perfect for a beach wedding, or just for those who love the water as much as I do. 

Display it during your wedding ceremony, honor your special guests by having them sign, and keep it as an heirloom work of art for the rest of your life together!  

    • Archival Giclee print with ultra-chrome inks
    • Thick, textured, acid-free watercolor paper
    • Comes in a clear plastic sleeve for safekeeping 
    • Signature lines are customizable

Giclee prints are museum-quality. This means that the rich, vibrant color won’t fade for over 100 years if kept out of direct sunlight, so you can enjoy your ketubah as much on your 60th wedding anniversary as you do on your wedding day. 

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