Two Special Blessings for Baby Max

Meet Sharon. She is an attorney living in Atlanta. She was about to have her first baby and was looking for an artist to make something special for her new arrival.

Lucky for me, the Google Gods led her my way. 

She sent me an email and we set a date for the following day -- Sharon casually mentioned that she was going in to the hospital that evening to give birth, but that she would be sure to give me a call before starting labor.

I knew she and I were going to hit it off! (Little did she know I was answering messages to my clients in between contractions when I had Suri. Sharon was my kind of gal!)

I LOVED Sharon's idea for the art she wanted for her new daughter.

She wanted two matching blessings -- the first would be the "Mode Ani" -- a gratitude blessing that is traditionally said first thing in the morning, while still lying in bed. I have always loved this blessing because what could be a better value to teach our children than gratitude? 

The second blessing was the "Shema", the prayer we say at bed time right before falling asleep. "Hear, O Israel: the Lord our God, the Lord is one." 

So the idea was to create a diptych, or a two-panel piece of art, to go together with these to special prayers.

She wanted the style to be illustrative, like a children's book. 

While Sharon was busy with the first few days of motherhood, I got to sketching.

Here is the sketch I presented to Sharon.

She said it was just what she was picturing (I told you she and I were going to hit it off).

So I got to work! 


Sharon loved it! 

Here it is in Max's room.

Didn't Sharon do a great job with the framing? 


And now, thanks to Sharon's generosity, these blessings are available as Giclee prints for others to enjoy! And I can even add a name on top -- click the picture below to see it live. 


Congratulations Sharon!

May little Max grow up happy, healthy and blessed and may she always bring you joy! 


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