Dear Daughters, I want you to know that...

A few weeks ago, I asked y’all to complete the sentence, “Mom I want you to know that…”

Your answers surprised me. With Mother’s Day around the corner, I asked myself, what do I want my daughters to know? My small humans helped me find my passion in life (and it’s  not parenting, sorry kiddos).  

Dear Daughters,

You, my loves, have taught me so much in the almost 8 years since the first of you came into my life. Here is what I want you to know: 

Mother Daughter Hamsa Art Print

You were the reason I started my business

Alma, you were only two months old when we packed up our life in Israel and flew across the world to Chicago.

When the new baby fog lifted, I found myself in the United States for the first time as an adult young professional… an unemployed one. I wanted to have all the time in the world to snuggle with you, but I had never planned to be a stay at home mom. Having a career had always been important to me, but getting a job didn’t make a whole lot of sense with the cost of childcare.

Despite all my art education and background, doing art for a living had never been more than a dream. I had not ever seriously considered it before. It was during your naps (thanks for being a good napper, kiddo!) that I painted my first ketubah and stuck it on Etsy.

Little did I know that it would sell within days and my dream career would be on its way. 

Mother Daughter Love Tree Art Print

You showed me my capacity to love

Alma, I fell in love with you the second I met you. You looked at me with those alien gray eyes with your tongue sticking out, and I thought I could never love another human that much.

But then Suri, you came along.

And just like that, my heart grew and made room for that much more love. I remember in those early sleep-deprived days of nursing Suri with Alma cuddling up next to me, thinking that my insides would explode from this love-fest – how could so many feelings possibly live inside me?

But there they still are, it’s amazing what you kids can do. 

Mommy Baby Elephant Art Print

You taught me the importance of taking care of myself

Before I met you, I was the queen of burning the candle at both ends (let’s be honest, I still kind of am). But I also have learned to stop and take a breath. I took up running, and every now and then I even take a nap. These kinds of indulgences always seemed frivolous before I met you.

But you have taught me that to take good care of you, I have to also take care of myself. My newly improved lung capacity thanks you. 

Young Family Love Tree Art Print

You helped me find my passion in life

...(and sorry, but it’s not parenting). I have read so many blogs talking from moms who found their passion in child-rearing. I think it’s awesome – and I’m a little jealous (and maybe you should be too). I admire the mom who spends hours on a Pinterest-worthy cake for your birthday, who makes handmade play dough, cooks every gluten-free, kale-infused, happy-face pancake from scratch.

Sorry kiddos, I’m not that mom. But, I am the mom who leads by example. I am the mom who will show you that dreams can come true, but only if you work your tush off.

I am the mom who shows you that as a woman, you can build a business, run a family, and still find time for a pajama dance party before bed.

I am the mom who has a meltdown every now and then, but also shows you how to pick yourself up and keep on going.

I am the mom who shows you that you are in charge of your own path, because I am the mom whose dreams you made come true.


You made my life make sense

You really did.

Thank you, my loves. 



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